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Pete Suazo Utah Athletic Commission

SteelFist 4-19-13 Photos by Rob Norbutt

Photos by Rob Norbutt

The Utah Professional Athletic Commission Act became law in July 2001. The Commission regulates professional unarmed combat sports including boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts. Promoters, managers, contestants, seconds, referees and judges must be licensed under the Act. Fees are intended to help offset the cost of regulating unarmed sports in the State.

The commission is named after the late Utah State Senator Eliud “Pete” Suazo. Pete Suazo was an advocate for youth and minorities in the state and a boxing enthusiast. You can learn more about Senator Suazo’s life in the article“La Voz de los Otros”: An Overview of the Life and Career of Eliud “Pete” Suazo, Utah’s First Hispanic State Senator, 1951-2001, written by Jorge Iber and published in the Spring 2008 Utah Historical Quarterly.

Commission meetings are open to the public.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to Scott Bowler, Executive Director:

Pete Suazo Utah Athletic Commission (PSUAC)
Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED)
World Trade Center
P.O. Box 146950
60 East South Temple, 3rd Floor
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6950

Scott Bowler (Executive Director)
801-538-8876 (office)
801-209-2671 (cell)
801-708-0849 (fax)